Custom Orders

Your loved one had a big spirit and you want to showcase that in a special, custom way. Our glass artists will work with you to design the perfect, one-of-a-kind memorial piece to celebrate your loved one.

  • Hair lock containment urns

    Stunning Vessels permanently sealed with loved ones hair locks inside.

    $350.00 each

    1.5" x 5"

  • Glass Vase

    Custom deep violet handblown vase with ashes encased in the glass.



  • Memory Cluster

    Wall mounted one of a kind custom colors. Ashes mounted inside glass elements. Wood backing to choice.


    8" x 16"

  • Rose and Branches Memorial wall Sculpture

    Hand forged steel branch with Hand sculpted glass roses containing loved ones ashes. Created for the wall.


    15" x 18"

  • Botanical Sculpture

    Botanical memorial sculpture with the ash incased in each mushroom head. Optional colors. $4,250.00

  • Forged branches with leaves

    Custom designed for clients living room with loved ones ashes inside each leaf. 10 leaves with one extra coffee table leaf.


    4' x 5'

  • Glass Horseshoe

    Custom client designed horseshoe with ashes encased inside. $650.00

  • Glass Waves

    Glass wave sculpture with ashes embedded in the wave.

  • Space Ship

    Glass space ship with ashes embedded in the hull.

  • Glass Pumpkin

    Custom pumpkin with ashes embedded in the glass. Pumpkin also acts as a vessel to contain additional ashes.

  • Drinking Glass

    Custom drinking glass with ashes embedded in the base.

  • Glass Vase

    Custom blue vase with ashes encased in the glass.